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RIP Mr. McKinley

If this week were not emotional enough, we have other bad news. Mr. McKinley passed away Saturday night. McKinley, who would have been 11 this June. McKinley, who was part more »

Fare the Well, New Jersey

Well, we survived our almost 2 months in NJ. I say “survived” because J should really be granted sainthood for holing up with his in-laws in a box no more more »

More Jersey Deliciousness

Day 41 in New Jersey, but who’s counting? J was not counting and when I told him 41 days, he vomited in his mouth a little. Today, Jersey got some more »

Happy 9th Birthday Mr. McKinley!

For those who may be newer to this blog, this is Mr. McKinley. J & I adopted him in 2004 when he was 6 months old. We kept him until more »

Staying Put For A Bit

I have set up “camp” at my parents’ house in New Jersey for the next 10 days and am glad for the “break.”  When I say “break,” I mean to more »


We are going to miss a lot of things about BD when we hit the road, but probably the one that tugs at our heart strings the most are our more »

Happy 50th Birthday To Our Son … 1 Day Late

Dear Mr. McKinley, Your birthday was yesterday (Summer Solstice). You turned 8, which is 50 in cat years (old man, you are). We didn’t forget your birthday, I promise. I more »

Seis de Mayo

Hi there. Has it been 2 weeks? Oh, 3? Really? Oh boy. That means I missed my deadline for my biweekly blog post! I am sure y’all will be much more »

On the road again …

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Festivus … All that good stuff. We had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed our time in the Northeast. Because I like the numbers game, more »

Onto Rocksylvania

We spent 3 wonderful zeros at my parents’ … Saw lots of friends and took care of all our bizness. Of course, the last 3 days were gorgeous … In more »

Mile 895.5 – New Jersey is DONE

Guess what we have been doing the last few days?? NOT HIKING!! I’m excited to tell you all that we are enjoying a few zeros at my parents’ house in more »


WE ARE NOW 31 DAYS FROM STARTING OUR TREK. Sorry for the all caps, but I am bursting with every emotion possible! So anyways, 31 days. That’s 744 hours. 44,640 more »

Could the Mister give us the plague?

There’s a new study out from the CDC that says there’s a risk of transmission of some life-threatening diseases when your pets share your bed. You know, diseases like the more »

Happy 6th Birthday Mr. McKinley!

I turned 6 today. I feel old. Just look at all the white hair I have. more »

Good news!

My dad came out of surgery and is a-okay! I didn’t get to talk to him yet and I only talked to my mom briefly, but all went well so more »

Don’t mind me

Training the Mister – EDITED

J is ever so proud of Mr. McKinley and has a new goal in mind. He wants to train him to use the toilet to throw up. You see, cleaning more »

Happy 5th birthday Mr. McKinley!

The Mr. is turning 5 this month! We don’t know his exact birth date, but we like to say his birthday coincides with Summer Solstice. We adopted him from the more »


I have a window in my office that faces our awesome backyard. Fairly often, our landlord’s cats (and other neighborhood cats) sit outside my window on our porch roof. Mind more »

Thank goodness we don’t have children

McKinely has an appt. at the vet tomorrow to get his annual feline distemper vaccine and J said, “but why? His temper is fine!” ***UPDATE … Mr. McKinley’s temper is more »

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