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Arctic Adventures: Volume 18—Gardening Fruits & Veggies

Here’s one of the many truths about Alaska living: the standards for fresh fruits and veggies are quite low, availability can ebb and flow, and “in-season” produce doesn’t really exist more »

Exploring Alaska: Dalton Highway

We’ve all been pretty grounded lately and sticking to local areas, but in the largest state in the US (Texas can fit in Alaska 2.5 times), “staying local” is really more »

Hiking Alaska: The Canyon Between Healy and Denali National Park

We live about 15 minutes from the entrance of Denali National Park, which means we are lucky to have endless acres of a playground for hiking. I did a roundup more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 15—Wildflowers

I’ve always stated spring is my least favorite season, if I had to rank them. With that being said, I absolutely enjoy the growth and change spring presents, particularly the more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 14—Driving Denali National Park Road

As I explained in past posts, our area is not experiencing the same flood of tourists we would normally have.  Denali National Park would normally have multiple tour and camper more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 13—Golf in Alaska???

I’m gonna guess one of the last things someone would associate with Alaska would be golf. I mean, with average high temps in the 60s and four months (sometimes less) more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 12—Breakup—Part 2

Besides the river breakup, Alaska’s springtime arrives with a leap and a shout in many other ways.  Obviously the first thing we noticed was the return of the sun. It more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 12—Breakup—Part 1

At the beginning of April, we had close to 2 feet of snow, some fresh. By mid-April, winter had conceded her reign.  But before I get into this installment of more »

Arctic Adventures: Volume 7 — Winter Activities

Amongst the chaos and unchartered territories we are all navigating with the virus, I hope my blog post can be a temporary distraction. One thing I’d like to note, it more »

Currently: January

Currently living/working in: As I said, we purposely planned to have a lighter workload while at our cabin in Alaska, instead focusing on other non-paying projects and goals. And yet, more »

High Point #45: Nevada

Justin & I hit our 45th state high point on Oct. 1: Nevada’s Boundary Peak! Trip Mileage: 10.6 miles (roundtrip) Hiking Time: 8 hrs 45 min Elevation Gain/Loss: 4,200 feet more »

Backpacking California: Yosemite National Park – Young Lakes

Do you believe there are more than 800 miles of trails and 167 lakes in Yosemite National Park? It’s a freakin big park. We definitely squeezed in lots of day more »

National Park 53/61: Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska

I once read that the cost to visit all 8 national parks in Alaska would amount to $10,000. Now that we’ve been to 5 of those parks over SEVERAL years—3 more »

Backpacking Denali National Park: Unit 6

What now is a few weeks ago (I’m behind on posts!), we embarked on another backpacking trip deep into Denali National Park! Last year, we did Unit 9, and this more »

Backpacking Canada: Yoho National Park

Hello from Alaska! Catching up on our drive through Canada first … When we found out we’d be driving up to Alaska again and going through the Banff/Jasper area, we more »

Hiking Wyoming: Grand Teton National Park

Our work time in the Tetons went so quickly, and honestly, we could spend years and probably not hike every trail out there. And even though we didn’t have time more »

Spring Road Trip Wrap Up

This blog post is overdue and happened what seems like months ago! We are currently back on the road for Leave No Trace/Subaru for the Zero Landfill Tour, so this more »

National Park 52/61: Indiana Sand Dunes

Indiana Sand Dunes is the newest national park, designated as so in February. It used to be a national lakeshore. As a reminder, there are 419 “units” in the National more »

Highpoint #44: Illinois

It’s been a hot minute since we checked off any state highpoints, mainly because the 7 left are pretty difficult to climb (Alaska, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon for Justin & Washington more »

Denali Days 1-2: The End

Well folks, you can stop worrying, because Justin is off the mountain. He is not hurt or ill. He just did not feel it at all this time and decided more »

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