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Currently …

I came across a “Currently” blog post from this Colorado blogger and I loved the idea. Apparently, this is not new to the blogging scene, but once again, I live more »

Recovery Part 3

I am happy to report that I feel a million times better than I did last week. Both physically and mentally! Seriously, I don’t know who hacked my blogger account more »

Recovery Part 2

I wanted to write a blog post so many times this week. The main reason I didn’t is that people tell me (and J) that we are glass half full more »


Have no fear, I am on the mend. At first, it was slowly. Too slow for my liking. It is not easy, nor fun, to go from 90 MPH to more »

We are celebrating our 7-year itch in a unique way

On Monday, J & I hit 7 years of marriage. How do most people celebrate their anniversaries? Dinner date, movies, maybe even a weekend getaway somewhere. But, we like to more »