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Life is Qualitative

The good news is J is doing well on his Shuksan expedition. He was actually able to call me from base camp! It’s cold up there, but he is getting more »

Birthday Reflections at 36

Back when babies were allowed to sleep with blankets, I was born. I’m at the age that when people ask me how old I am, it takes me a minute more »

“You can’t get anywhere from here.”

“You can’t get anywhere from here,” J and I lamented the other day. By here, I mean RR and this northeast corner of Oregon. For years, J & I have more »

Living on the Edge

J & I high-fived last Sunday as we entered Oregon, marking it as our 11th state we’ve lived in (collectively). Living in the Pacific Northwest as I always wanted, a more »


March 25th marks the one-year anniversary for my sister and her gastric bypass surgery.  My sister is 6 years my senior and even though we have our personality differences (her more »

Good Weekend Turned Bad Weekend

This weekend was our last one at the cabin in the mountains of CO before we make our 3,000-mile detour to the East Coast to our house (AKA, very expensive more »

Happy Vagrants

We are still enjoying our transition period at the cabin between one adventure to the next. I have loved having a space for silence, a space for ourselves and a more »

Retired Life at the Cabin at 10,000 Feet.

You have to be wondering what we are doing these days since we don’t start our new gig until April. I imagine our life is very much like a retired more »

A Twist of Fate

I have been dreading this post. You can probably tell I’ve been avoiding the blog, since I haven’t posted since the first day of the new year.  Well, here goes. more »

Hello, 2014

Happy New Year from Colorado, our temporary “home” for the next 2 months. Lest you think we are on some “pot tourism” trip, I assure you we are not. Marijuana more »

Thanks and giving

Cliche or not, I would like to jump on the bandwagon (albeit a few days too late) and tell you what I am most thankful for this year. Well, besides more »


Have no fear, I am on the mend. At first, it was slowly. Too slow for my liking. It is not easy, nor fun, to go from 90 MPH to more »

It’s not easy to get to the top of the world

I’ve always said it is about the journey, not the destination, and this is certainly true for my experience on Mount Rainier!  As you all probably know by now, J more »

There’s No Place Like Roam

In May, we spent 17 nights sleeping at friends’ or family’s houses, 7 nights in the van, 5 nights in a hotel, and 1 night camping. In June (for the more »

Closing one chapter and starting another

We are busier than a one-armed juggler these days. Even J, who never stresses about anything, felt a little overwhelmed these past few weeks. Here’s a snapshot has been going more »

How to live a life less ordinary according the wanderinglavignes.

Steps 1-3:  Dream big, live your passions and don’t ever stop believing. I am here to report that the wanderinglavignes will be wandering once again. We are leaving BD and more »

A New Job! A New Job! A New Job!

The point of this post is to tell you some exciting news … at the beginning of January, I started a new job as a medical writer/researcher for a small more »


Today is Deal and my 6th anniversary!! I can hardly believe we’ve been married for six years. I can remember our first year of marriage like it was yesterday. Although more »

Life Unexpected

I love my new life. It’s funny how things never turn out as planned. I should know this by now, yet I am still surprised by it. The thing is, more »

Take this job and shove it.

Hi everyone, how are you? I quit my job. If you do not want to join my pity party, stop reading now. I am warning you, this will be a more »

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