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Currently: October

Currently living/working in: Our Subaru/Leave No Trace contract ended Oct. 15 and we are in the midst of several Backpacker deadlines. We’ve been hanging out in Denver this whole month & more »

Currently: May

Currently living/working in: Enjoying our last few weeks at Fenton Ranch in New Mexico before we close this chapter of our life and hit the road to work for Leave No more »

Virginia: Family, Friends and Storage Units

We’re making our way West after 3 very full weeks on the East Coast. We only had 5 events in the East, but if you’ve been reading my previous posts, more »

Currently: July

Currently living/working in: We roadtripped most of July, with a few days on either end in Denver. Somehow, I squeezed in a bunch of writing projects and J found some gems more »


We completed the sale of our house in Virginia! Our friend Van was so nice and gave us a bottle of champagne to celebrate … doesn’t matter that he found more »

Currently: June

Currently spending time with/where: We are down to the wire with our time in Danville. We close on the house today in less than 3 hours!!! Current plan: Wouldn’t you like more »