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Currently: October

Current mood:  Excited! Anxious! Overwhelmed! NZ trip planning brings out a range of emotions!  Currently thankful for:  Carving out some quality time with J’s side of the family here in more »

Our Next Adventure: Going Tramping in Middle Earth

Tramp [verb]: to walk long and far, hike, march or trudge. to wander about as a vagabond. to walk for sport or recreation To some (okay, most), backpacking means schlepping more »

End-of-Season Review

Today is the last day RimRock is open. Let me start by saying we had a good time this summer. Overall. This week has been anti-climatic and deathly quiet compared more »

Retired Life at the Cabin at 10,000 Feet.

You have to be wondering what we are doing these days since we don’t start our new gig until April. I imagine our life is very much like a retired more »

10 days in Colorado … 10 things we have done

We’ve been in Colorado for 10 days now. And in no particular order, here are 10 highlights of our time here so far. 1) J’s Bday We celebrated J’s bday more »

A New Job! A New Job! A New Job!

The point of this post is to tell you some exciting news … at the beginning of January, I started a new job as a medical writer/researcher for a small more »

Life Unexpected

I love my new life. It’s funny how things never turn out as planned. I should know this by now, yet I am still surprised by it. The thing is, more »

Take this job and shove it.

Hi everyone, how are you? I quit my job. If you do not want to join my pity party, stop reading now. I am warning you, this will be a more »

Work It, Girl

So guess who else got a job besides Deal? MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I am once again going to be a full-time medical writer! I am beyond excited and would like to share more »

The Cabin Life

Greetings from paradise! We have been at the cabin for a 5 full days and there is no cabin fever here! We are in a semi-normal routine, which includes cooking more »

9 Weeks until the AT!

I am switching up these weekly posts from week 43 of unemployment to 9 weeks until the AT because the focus has now shifted! Holy cannoli, 9 weeks to go!!!! more »

Week 42 of Unemployment

Busy week again, which included J getting a root canal and an interview on Monday for me. This was for a contract writing project that would start immediately and last more »

Week 41 of Unemployment

Awhile back, probably somewhere around week 26 of unemployment, I resigned to the fact that my roses were just not blooming. Not literal roses, silly, but the seeds I planted more »

Week 40 of Unemployment

First things first, my second interview went great. It’s hard to tell where they are in the hiring process. I was interviewing with 3 people who I would potentially work more »

Week 39 of Unemployment

Not a bad week work-wise for me again. I like the new project I’m working on and if all goes well, I’ll have it completed by next week. And good more »

Week 37 of Unemployment

My dear readers, this week was a good week in terms of my self-employment endeavors. Can you believe I’m saying that? It was, in fact, a busy week! I invoiced more »

Week 36 of Unemployment

Of course I have no job update for you. Looked for work, not much out there, sent my resume to places where I won’t hear anything back, blah, blah, blah, more »

Week 35 of Unemployment

I have nothing good to say about my pitiful job search this week, though I did invoice 8 hours of work. Woo hoo. Instead, I will just tell you about more »

Week 34 of Unemployment

Week 34 was really depressing and another roller coaster, but, by now, I’ve had such a fun weekend full of ballroom dancing, swimming and dinner with friends (followed by live more »

Week 32 of Unemployment

This week was a little bit of a roller coaster, but with a good ending. It started off with a ripple in my unemployment. When you file for UE each more »

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