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Currently: November

Currently living/working in: We spent the first part of the month holed up in our cabin in Healy, Alaska, juggling writing deadlines. Then we flew to the East Coast for more »

Virginia: Family, Friends and Storage Units

We’re making our way West after 3 very full weeks on the East Coast. We only had 5 events in the East, but if you’ve been reading my previous posts, more »

2015 – It's So Last Year

After tucking 2015 into bed, J & I realized we’ve had quite a year. If you are a long-time reader, you know I love me some stats. I’m also quite more »


We completed the sale of our house in Virginia! Our friend Van was so nice and gave us a bottle of champagne to celebrate … doesn’t matter that he found more »

Currently: June

Currently spending time with/where: We are down to the wire with our time in Danville. We close on the house today in less than 3 hours!!! Current plan: Wouldn’t you like more »

Mountain Biking – CHECK

J & I engage in plenty of outdoor sports–hiking, paddling, biking, rock climbing, XC skiing, etc. Our participation in them depends on the area where we live and how much more »

Scenes From Danville

I promised I’d balance out my Debbie Downer posts, so here are some happy scenes from Danville! As I said, we have some really awesome friends here and have been more »

Post-Trail Blues

So it’s pretty suffice to say that since we returned from New Zealand, we’ve had a black cloud following us around, or maybe it is just reality overcompensating for our more »

Our Danville Story

We’ve been in Danville, VA, since May 6. Danville, for those who don’t know, is one of our many home bases. Danville is a small town of roughly 40,000 people more »

Currently: March

We’ve been on the road since Feb. 24, but we will be completing the final leg today to settle in Oregon for the next 7 months!  Before we do, I more »

In Search of Some Spring

Voting is still open through the end of March for the Montana contest … come on people, don’t you want to see us get to Montana??? We are nowhere close more »

7 Years, 25 Years, 54 Years and 200+ Years. If you don’t get this title, no worries, I was just trying to be creative.

This weekend was eventful, very eventful. We left the confines of the hostel (I am going to call it BD from now on, so remember that) with a few tasks. more »

42 days, 17 states & 7,100 miles

On Oct. 24, we finished our hike on the Appalachian Trail after 141 days, 14 states and 2,181 miles and took a train to Danville to pick up supplies and more »

We are landlords

So hell kinda froze over guys and gals. Remember that house in Danville we own? The one we’ve been paying a mortgage, homeowners insurance and utilities on for the past more »

Decade in Review

I just realized that not only did 2009 hand off the torch to 2010, but that also means another decade is gone! I decided to be silly and do a more »

Ho Ho Who?

December is a busy month for recreation. Tonight, J is judging houses for the Holiday Lights Contest and tomorrow, he is holding his Santa Calling program. Santa Calling is a more »

Bye bye Marlboro

OMG. This piece of news floored me. I was convinced we might be getting around in Jetson-style vehicles before this happened. Danville restaurants go smoke-free under new law I grew more »

Anyone want a house in Danville?

Our trip to Danville this weekend was met with mixed emotions. It usually is. We own a house there. I’ve blogged about it once, twice or 15 times. It’s either more »


I’ve had this particular post planned in my mind for some time because I’m just so proud. It’s about how J and I reached a PR. No, not a running more »

Arson, robbery and moonshine—Just Easter in Danville

J checks the Danville paper every morning online all the while fearing that he will read something about our house in it. Last Wednesday, that worst nightmare was realized. The more »

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