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Currently: June

Currently living/working in: Wait, has all of June really passed? Holy cannoli, we truly have been running at warp speed while trying to juggle fiery balls mixed in with sharp knives. more »

Island Wedding

Whenever someone poses the mountains versus beach question, we will always opt for mountains. But you know what? Beach really does stand for “best escape anyone can have!” Last weekend, more »

National Park 43/59: Congaree National Park in South Carolina

We have always used travel to weddings as an excuse to explore a new area. And while we had a heap of weddings every year through 2008ish, there’s been a more »

Currently: September

Currently living/working in: We’ve taught 4 fifth grade classes and 4 fourth grade classes for the private school at Fenton Ranch and will be finishing up the season with second graders! more »

New York State of Mind

If I waited to do an entire East Coast tour recap, it would be way too long with too many visits and happenings since we are on the East side more »

Visiting America’s High Five – Michigan

This past weekend, J & I ventured to the mitten state for Jason (Hoss) and Adrienne’s (theAccessory’s) wedding. If you can remember, we can’t get anywhere from where we live, more »

Tis the Season

Where in the world are Steadee & Deal??? That’s a good question. For the last two days, we’ve been in one place–my parents’ house in NJ. A record for us. more »

Post-trail Life

We have been off the AT for more than a week and you would think now that I have easy access to cell service and computers, I would be blogging more »

Valley of the SUN

We spent 4 days in Phoenix. It was certainly nice to see the sun, since NH has apparently strayed far, far, far from the center of the solar system. Here’s more »

High School Friends

J had a very different experience in high school than I did. It’s no wonder since he went to an all boys’ school. I can’t even imagine what my experience more »

This wedding makes me feel old

I just returned from a trip to the Midwest where I attended the wedding of LilSis! LilSis is part of my Phoenix/St. Gregory’s crew. She was in 8th grade when more »

Good news!

My dad came out of surgery and is a-okay! I didn’t get to talk to him yet and I only talked to my mom briefly, but all went well so more »

Still recovering from the wedding weekend!

“Some people are thermometers, some are thermostats. You’re a thermostat. You don’t register the temp in the room, you change it.” Mouth, my sort-of brother, got married this weekend. This more »

In the running for best wedding (for someone else) ever, definitely most memorable

So the Hindu wedding this past weekend. OMG. So so awesome. I was holding off on my blog post because I was hoping to get some video up, but my more »


NHBound had her shower Friday night! J & I cannot wait for this wedding in June between NHBound and Mouth … we’ve been waiting for 7+ years! This is her more »

Congrats are in order!

I was so busy wallowing in my “numbness” that I forgot to mention we attended a wedding on Saturday. Guess where it took place? In our living room!!! J’s childhood more »

Vacay to the … cornfields?

This past weekend served as one of our summer vacations. Yeah! But to the Midwest? That’s right. Roid and Peace’s wedding was in Louisville, KY, on Saturday, so J and more »