Igloo update, Beantown, popping hips

Igloo update, Beantown, popping hips

The first igloo is a bust. We got another foot of snow Friday night into Saturday, and we haven’t gone out into the backyard to check for sure, but most likely we won’t be able to salvage it. But, we are still determined to build an igloo. So we will start from scratch this coming weekend. No worries.

After the snow subsided Saturday, we headed to Boston for the rest of the weekend. Surprisingly, we did not get lost the whole time! We hung out with AlwaysGame Saturday night. Some background on AlwaysGame … they lived in Danville for 5 weeks in 2006 as they were moving from Alabama to Beantown. Why Danville? Because one set of their parents lived there (and still do). In their brief time living in Dville, we hung out with them practically every weekend. It’s awesome we live close again! So we started Saturday with an early dinner and ended up in the middle of a pub crawl. We only did 3 of the 7 bars, but that was still an accomplishment. The night ended up AlwaysGame’s house with some game-playing … of course.

Sunday, we met up with Roid, his fiancée (I should really give her a name) and theFr, who was in town for work. It was a quick lunch get together, but still very fun.

The last order of business is J’s health. At Wednesday’s soccer game, there was an incident. J was going after the ball, as was the other team’s goalie. They collided and there was a loud crunch heard by everyone. J said he thought for sure he broke his leg. Fortunately, well unfortunately for the goalie, it was the other guy’s ribs breaking. J still had an injury. The doctor determined that while he did not break anything, he still did some joint/muscle damage. I know I’m a medical writer, but I don’t know really how to describe what happened. His hip popped out of the socket, then immediately back in somehow. Not without a lot of lingering pain. He is hobbling around like an old man, no offense to old men. Hopefully he’ll be scheduling some physical therapy this week. It’s doubtful he’ll be able to dance or play soccer this week though!

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  1. shayna says:

    When I was all depressed before, I told Hubbie I wanted to do neat things like what you guys do. He said we can buy an igloo-making kit if we move to a place that has snow and that makes me happy!

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