More boarders, err, visitors

More boarders, err, visitors

That’s right, we had more visitors this weekend. QuickQuestion, Yankee, Bones and CurlyLocks came from CT. Not for 2 weeks like our last visitors, just for the weekend.
We planned a lot of outdoor activities because
1) the kids are allergic to cats and
B) these kids need activity to wear them out (I don’t think they really ever get tired).

The weather participated only somewhat. I’ve determined that it pretty much rains here everyday in the afternoon, which makes it hard if you want to plan, oh I don’t know, any summer activities!

In any case, we did get to the ocean (and made it back to the car before the big thunderstorm and downpour), went to a science center, played a little bit in the lake in J’s town and played a lot in our yard. But we didn’t get to go canoeing, hiking or camping (in our backyard for Saturday’s Great American Campout) as we planned. That was a bummer.

Bones is turning 6 tomorrow, so we celebrated his birthday with some I-C-E C-R-E-A-M C-A-K-E (excuse me, I’ve been used to spelling everything out from the weekend) and sparklers. On a side note, I cannot believe he is 6. What the? I remember when he was born. Heck, I remember a time when my sister had no kids! Oh well, time does fly. He is entering the 1st grade come fall. Teachers, watch out.
So I think my favorite part of the weekend was the beach. I can’t remember the last time I actually played in the ocean and the sand. It brought back some major childhood memories. Just look at the kick-ass fortress with a moat that my nephew and I built! And running from the waves … that always gets me. Actually, I did involuntarily go into the ocean last year in California. I was actually on a business trip and one chilly night, my coworkers and I were stomping for bio-luminescents (don’t ask, it’s a nerdy science thing) as the waves came in. As I was trying to run from a wave fully clothed, I tripped over my own feet and fell smack on my face as the wave washed over me. But somehow I just don’t count that as fun in the ocean.

So that concludes our June o’ visitors. July is jam-packed with some travel, a few stray visitors (no one more than 2 days) and some babysitting of the kids. But first, J has a huge event this Friday for the 4th of July. Last year, they had over 1,000 people at it. We actually came to it, but didn’t work it, because he wasn’t employed by the town yet. They introduced J as the new Rec Director. Yep, we’ve been in NH just about a year now. Wow. So, who knows what the event will bring for this year. But it’s certainly going to be a long freakin day!

Happy Birthday Bones and America!!!

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