Do they all wear short shorts and shoot squirrels in Hungary?

Do they all wear short shorts and shoot squirrels in Hungary?

For a year now, J and I have rented a beautiful converted barn as our home from a very nice couple. We have toyed with the idea of moving closer to J’s job and also off of a main road, but this place is pretty much too good to be true. The rent, as high as it may seem to some, includes all utilities (and while J has denied me use of heat in other places we’ve lived to save money, it is crucial in New England) as well as lawn care and snow removal. The place is bigger than most places we’ve seen so we can host guests, and boy have we had our share. Our landlords are phenomenal cooks and often share their meals with us. Plus, they maintain an extensive garden with everything you can think of (eggplant, corn, broccoli, potatoes, herbs) and pretty much let us have free reign (more on that some other time).

The male is from Hungary. He’s been in the US for a long time. When we first moved in, we noticed he had some odd practices, like walking around the yard with short shorts and no shirt. This may seem like a real Sex in the City moment where I get to work from my second floor office and drool over the hot man in my backyard. But no, this is not the case. Frankly, I’d rather not see any man, including my husband, in nut huggers.

J and I pretty much got used to his dress code, joking about it often. It’s been quite funny when we have guests and without us making any reference, they become aware almost immediately. “Have you noticed your landlord walks around in his short shorts and no top? Isn’t that kind of weird?” Weird, nah. Some guests have found him quite a turn-on . . .

Our landlords have had some guests from Hungary staying with them for the last two weeks. Lately, ShortShorts and the Male International Power have been shooting targets in the backyard during the day, putting on a show for me when I need a break from work. They were ultimately trying to practice so they can shoot the squirrels that have been eating all the crops. And low and behold, the male visitor also wears short shorts.

Well, J and I returned from our camping trip this weekend to find ShortShorts and the Male International Power skinning two squirrels in the yard. So guess what we had for dinner???

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