10:30 in the PM

10:30 in the PM

What will you be doing at 10:30pm tonight? Probably getting ready for bed, or in bed sleeping already … Not us. Because the stupid people who make our soccer schedule have us playing a 52-minute game at 10:30pm!!! WTF?

Crossing fingers that our whole team shows up because that would be some fine dedication. Not to mention worth it for the rest of us who dragged our lazy butts out of the house in the rain for the game!

Damn we’re going to be tired Friday …

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  1. tommy's mommy says:

    ALL of Tommy’s Daddy’s hockey games start between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. Occasionally they will have a game at 9:30. All the little kids get the early ice time. It’s madness to me!! Good for you two for going–I know how you like your sleep:)

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