Single-self behavior

Single-self behavior

Let me start by saying, I love being married. But, I still love my alone time every once in awhile.

J is at one of his famous recreation director conferences. You know, the ones where he plays wiffle ball, drinks beer and complains about budget cuts. Except this time, he is northern NH, so they are drinking beer, complaining about budget cuts, frolicking in the snow, then hitting the jacuzzi. Plus they had a super cool hypnotist on Tuesday night and J was picked for it. Believe me, I’m hoping to get my hands on that video and I will share it!

In any case, I am loving my 2-night hiatus from being married. I get to lay out all my scrapbooking supplies and scrapbook the night away. I get to watch chick flicks to my heart’s delight. I get the bed to myself (okay, shared with Mr. McKinley of course). The most important part to this bed thing is that I can be a “Mexican jumping bean” (as J calls me) all I want and not worry about disturbing anyone. Overall, it’s been a glorious time. Oh, and it’s been snowing. That’s my recipe for perfect!

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