April Foolishness

April Foolishness

It came and went and no one played any jokes! How disappointing. For those of you who know my husband know he pretty much plays an April Fools joke on people every single day. He’s the crying wolf type of boy.

So since I seemed to miss out on all the fun this year, care to share any of your April Foolishness???

To start, here’s my greatest April Fools joke. I seem to always try to play them on my mom.
I think it was 2004, and I was in Philly for Chile’s wedding. Chile’s wedding was planned rather quickly, as her husband-to-be was coming to America on some sort of 3-month Visa. So, I called my mom and told her that Chile’s priest had a medical emergency and could not perform the wedding. I asked if she could call one of the priests in her church to come down and do the wedding. This doesn’t really sound like a very funny joke, but I’m telling you it was. My mom has just about the biggest heart of anyone I know and she was totally ready to hang up the phone and call all the priests she knew. All together now … awwww.

J, on the other hand, has definitely outdone me. I think this was done in his teenage years, but one April Fools, he got that yellow police tape and put it all around the front of his house for when his mom pulled up after work.

Why do the moms get all the crap?

So come on, share your stories!

2 responses to “April Foolishness”

  1. Sara says:

    OK so this is a little cheap- but it worked on my mom EVERY YEAR! My brother and I would tape down the sprayer spout on the kitchen sink- when mom went to use the facet…. sprayed right in the face!

  2. Awwww…your mom is SO sweet! And Justin’s joke on his mom is HILARIOUS! (unless it was done to me!)

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