Jam-packed weekend

Jam-packed weekend

Hallmark4Ever & GoodEgg left the babe at home for a quick jaunt to NH.

Friday night: cocktails and lobster. They were technically lobster virgins, so the thought of watching the live lobster cook caused them to be a little squeamish, but forgot all about it once they tasted the succulent meat of Mr. Lobster (still $4.99/lb).Saturday: After enrolling in P & J’s school of outdoor adventure, we took a drive on the Kancamagus Scenic Byway, or as J would say, the Kakamakus. They passed Hiking 101 (Sabbady Falls Trail) with flying colors, and after some coaxing and practice, they passed Kayaking 101 (Lily Pond).
Saturday evening: ShortShorts and theQuilter hosted a 30th birthday party for theQuilter’s daughter. It was pretty much off-the-hook complete with a live band, hula hoops and fireworks. The cops even made a little pitstop. And as Hallmark4Ever said, “I feel like I’m at Woodstock with all the hippies around.” J broke out his infamous jello shots and moonshine, which may have led to some puking.

The Birthday Girl

The fireworks ready to goThe aftermath
I’m not sure I’ve ever shared a picture of ShortShorts and theQuilter, our great landlords, but here they are. They might be a little drunk. BTW, those are NOT his typical short shorts; they’re too long.

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  1. Sara says:

    WE HAD A BLAST- should have stayed a few more weeks to get my fill of J & P and Mister Mister! Thanks for a GRRRReat time! Boy I look a little drunk in those pics… wonder why? 🙂

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