Thumbs, gums

Thumbs, gums

J’s thumbs have been replaced. Except they put his left thumb on the right. Anyways, he is in pain and drugged up. I’m such a wonderful wife that I am leaving this weekend to visit with Shadow in NY. Can someone else check on him? Thanks!!! I gave McKinley explicit instructions, but he just looked at me and meowed. Not sure what that means.

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  1. Creegs says:

    so that "latest technology…pain-free surgery" was a lie? There was pain? I'll holler at him this weekend, but can he talk? So many questions.

  2. Shayna says:

    As usual, you and and your second half underestimated the drama and pain of a medical procedure. I thought J was gonna try to catch a concert tonight after the surgery? Sounds like not. Anyway, hopefully he has a restful, painless weekend while his wife abandons him for fun!

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