At first I was afraid, I was petrified

At first I was afraid, I was petrified


A few months back, I was talking to RedJeepTrvlr about her irrational fear of yeast. Then I realized, I think I am scared too. Truthfully, I never thought much of yeast. I wrote it off as something woman in the 1950s worked with. I couldn’t even envision what yeast looked like and what aisle in the grocery store you get it in.

Then I made that friend in NH. Remember the one I never thought I’d meet? I had a first date with that woman, the wife of one of J’s rec director friends, to see Riverdance in March. It was love at first sight. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but we’ve become fast friends. We talk pretty regularly, and we’ve even done a get-together with the men as well.

Anyways, she taught me all I needed to know about yeast. And all my fears melted away. Seriously guys, look at these babies!!! Num yum mum.

Uncooked sausage, peppers & onions pizza
Cooked Hawaiin pizza (sadly, we will probably never have this again because J realized the cost of Canadian bacon)

We love homemade pizza. But we used to use biscuits as the crust. It worked, and it was good. But this is better. Easy peasy to work with, cheap (J loves that) and the recipe I have makes enough for 2 pies. Not only have I gotten over my fear of yeast, but I love me some yeast (when it’s not an infection)!!! Bread recipes, here I come!

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  1. YAY!! Your pizza looks awesome! I'm glad you had a friend to help with the process, makes it less scary. I'm planning to make pizza again this weekend–yum!

  2. Shayna says:

    Give me your recipe…our pizza always come out doughy in the middle.

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