This wedding makes me feel old

This wedding makes me feel old

I just returned from a trip to the Midwest where I attended the wedding of LilSis!
LilSis is part of my Phoenix/St. Gregory’s crew. She was in 8th grade when I moved to Arizona for that volunteer program. My five roommates and I became very close to her because she lived right around the corner from us. A lot of the youth in the parish came over to hang out. We were cool people, what can I say. Or, they just liked that we had a pool. In any case, LilSis was a staple in our house. We even took her to her first bar (at 14, yes, we were great role models). After my volunteer year, I continued to volunteer as the St. Greg’s HS Youth Ministry Leader, which ended in some lifelong friends. I’ve watched these “kids” grow into men and women. And now, well, it just makes me feel old.

Exhibit A: 2001

Exhibit B: 2010
Exhibit C: Three of these brothers were in my youth group at some point. The 4th (in the grey shirt) was not because he was 5 at the time. He’s 15 now!!!
Anyways, the wedding ceremony was at a church near Marquette University‘s campus, where the bride and groom attended undergrad. The area was just riddled with awesome architecture.

The reception was at the Eisner American Museum of Advertising & Design, which I heard from one of the attendants may be closing completely to the public. But it was really unique for a wedding reception.

So wraps up another fun wedding and chance to see Mouth, NHBound (I’m dropping the Bound from now on since they are actually DC-bound), Roid and Peace. Because I never do anything simply, my trip was not only to Milwaukee. I flew in and out of Chicago for a quick visit with SILMeow, Napolean Dynamite and MamaF. I also borrowed MamaF’s car for the wedding festivities. It’s an Audi, and so there were jokes all weekend. No one could understand how I lost my job, but upgraded my car. I also got to see other friends from Phoenix (not from the St. Greg’s/volunteer group of friends) who now live in WI. I haven’t seen MtnGrl since my own wedding, so I also got to meet her adorable girls!

You might be wondering where J is for all this fun. He had his own fun in Colorado! (Remember we like to take our separate vacations). For the past 10 days, he’s been out there at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival to celebrate SILAdventure’s 30th birthday! Maybe he’ll decide he loves you guys enough for a blog post …

3 responses to “This wedding makes me feel old”

  1. Shayna says:

    Wait, did I get to meet MtnGrl and her first baby girl when I was pregnant, when you were visiting work here once? Moving from Phx to somewhere in the Midwest. Or maybe that's one of your other million friends.

  2. plavigne says:

    Yes! You did meet MtnGrl and her first child right before they moved! Good memory! And she asked how you were doing by the way and I told her just fine! I didn't really count that as meeting her kids since Lily was so little at that time. I told Lily I met her before and she didn't remember:)

  3. Alicia says:

    Love the pictures! Please send them to me when you get some free time. Sounds like your adventures are keeping you busy!

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