My name in print

My name in print

Whenever I tell people I’m a writer, the first question is usually, “where can I read something you wrote?” Well, besides this awesome, awesome blog, there weren’t many places you could.

Unless you are a doctor or pharmaceutical sales rep and subscribed to my former company’s publications, my regular writing wasn’t necessarily available to the general public. I remember my mom was so proud when I got the job and she wanted to a copy of something I had written to show her friends. I obliged and then she called to ask if it was written in German. They were the type of articles where you’d lose interest by the 3rd word. I take that back, you would at least make it to the 4th word. Even still, the content I wrote for the last 8 years rarely had a byline. So there wasn’t the glory of seeing my name in print too often.

I’ve been taking on more and more freelancing projects, so there may be more opportunity to see just that. Case in point. I’ve been writing articles for New Hampshire ToDo for the past 18 months and I get my beloved byline. Usually, to see it, you either have to buy the monthly issues or subscribe (my parents do! J’s senior center does! Many of our friends here do!). Every month, they make one article free on their website. Guess whose July article is featured?!?!

It’s a little hard to read unless you zoom in, but you can see my name in print and that never gets old for me. I am a writer indeed.

In other news, Charlotte (York Goldenblatt) and PA Dutch are coming for a visit this weekend! I love visitors!!

3 responses to “My name in print”

  1. Awesome! Great article.

    PS – I see you neglected to give J props for his photo credit. That's cold.

  2. plavigne says:

    Um, that's because he didn't take the photo!!!!!! I DID!!! I'm not sure why they credited him, but they usually pay for the photos, so I will be coveting that money …

  3. Shayna says:

    What? How did they get his name then?

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