Visitors #495 and 496

Visitors #495 and 496

This past weekend, Charlotte & PA Dutch visited! They vacationed in Maine the week before, and detoured to our house before heading back home to Philly.

Since Vermont would be the only state they wouldn’t hit while road tripping in the New England area, we made it a point to venture that direction on Saturday. Actually, I think they missed Rhode Island too, but no offense R.I., there’s not much to see there. In Vermont, we first stopped at the Cabot Cheese store where the free samples create a mighty fine snack, or in our case, lunch. MMMM cheese.

Then we hiked down into the Quechee Gorge. J & I drive by this gorge often and you can only see a quick glimpse when driving, so I’ve always wanted to check it out further. The gorge was formed by glacial activity 13,000 years ago and is known as the “Grand Canyon of Vermont.” It is quite pretty, but it’s no Grand Canyon. We contemplated bungee jumping off the bridge or frolicking naked in the river just to spice up the experience. Two out of four of us were on board, but we ultimately decided it was a bad idea.

Pictures courtesy of PA Dutch and his sweet new camera

All that hiking definitely worked off our cheese coma, so we headed to the Long Trail Brewery for some good grub and beer. That’s always a good experience.

J had his first movie in the park on Saturday night, so Charlotte & I headed over to watch The Wizard of Oz and bring back some childhood memories. That movie is scarier (and stranger) than I remember!

And that’s it. They left Sunday morning. Made our B&B duties very easy.

2 responses to “Visitors #495 and 496”

  1. Anonymous says:

    For the record, I was only against frolicking naked in the river because the water was cold, and I didn't see the need to recreate a Seinfeld episode….Thanks for having us – hope I didn't get you sick!

  2. plavigne says:

    Oh you didn't want to get in? I thought it was just J & I that were against it and you guys were for it …

    No sickness here!

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