Week 6 of Unemployment: Volunteering and Testing

Week 6 of Unemployment: Volunteering and Testing

I got up at 6am this morning. I never even got up that early when I was working! It was all for the sake of volunteering. And for once, I was NOT volunteering for one of J’s events. I’ve spread my wings beyond, but I still am his number one sidekick when he needs me of course.

Also, I took a copyediting/proofreading test for a freelancing gig (referred to me by Shadow!!! Networking is awesome!). I think I failed. The first sign it wasn’t going to go well was when a black cat crossed my path on my morning run.

I took the test Wednesday afternoon at the library. It was proctored and I couldn’t use any sources other than my common knowledge. I felt really confident with the editing and the writing parts, but it might have been an epic fail on the spelling portion. I won’t get the final verdict until next week.

I am typically a good speller. I would even venture to say it is one of my greatest talents. I have a lot of practice since J is constantly asking me how to spell things. I sometimes mumble it or spell really fast just to get his panties ruffled. He gets all confused. It’s so fun.

Anyways, the spelling portion of the test listed about 20 words and you had to decide if they were spelled correctly or incorrectly. Cake, I thought. Who needs spellcheck? But then I started perusing the list. They were all the words where you question which vowel to use. Basically my nemeses. Separate. Existent (I think I got that wrong). Adherence. Accommodate (I thought for sure there was only one “m” and got that wrong).

Overall, I am a horrible test taker. I think I got a 900 on my SATs. My nerves get to me and I second guess myself. Tests are one of the main reasons I will never go back to school. (Speaking of tests, I have 2 friends taking the Bar exam at the end of the month. Good luck guys! Hopefully you are better test takers than I am!)

So I kind of doubt this company will hire me. Who wants to hire an editor who can’t spell???

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm SURE you did better than you think you did!!! I have faith in you. Let me know what she says.


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