Battle of the Free Lodging

Battle of the Free Lodging

Last week, J & I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast for free (my magazine assignment) and an AMC hut for free (J won this prize at a rec director conference).

Let’s see how they compare.

Getting thereB&B … 30-mile drive north on the highway in a car, walk up 3 stairs
Hut … 60-mile drive north on the highway in a car, then a 5-mile hike up a mountain

Sleeping quarters
B&B … Suite with a king-sized bed and 45 fluffy pillows, private bath with jacuzzi tub
Hut … Bunk bed among 20 other bunk beds with snoring men & crying kids. Composting pit toilet in outhouse shared by other guests.

B&B … 5-course gourmet meal at a private table with quite possibly the best beef tenderloin evah (cut with a fork only) and an extremely delicious dessert
Hut … 5-course NON-gourmet meal at a shared table. And get this … NO napkins (it’s their way of limiting garbage)
B&B … Mount Kearsarge & Pleasant Lake
Hut … White Mountains

Celebrities Cited
Hut … Northbound thru hikers
B&B … Andrew McCarthy from the Brat Pack! I have a funny story about that, but it’s kind of long. I’ll save it for another time.

So which would you rather?

Oh, and HAPPY 9-02-10!! Get it???

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