Week 14 of Unemployment/Self-Employment

Week 14 of Unemployment/Self-Employment

I didn’t have any work to do this week. No magazine layout (that’s next week). No magazine articles. My article in the local newspaper came out, but I did the work for it awhile ago. I looked for new work. High and low. But zilch. So I got very domestic.

ShortShorts and theQuilter are away on vacation for 2 weeks. They put me in charge of their garden (and cats). Their whole entire garden. I’m the girl who can’t keep her peace plant alive.Taking care of a garden also means you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. We have fresh veggies coming out our ears.So I cooked this week. A lot. I made fresh pasta sauce! (J made the garlic bread). We dried herbs. We preserved an entire bag of peppers.This domestication thing is pretty cool and all, but I would rather be working and making money.

J & I ran a 5K trail run today. J got a medal for placing. I did not. Big surprise there. J also won a raffle prize. I did not. Not bitter at all.

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