J, the good samaritan

J, the good samaritan

We are getting pounded with winter weather these past few days. It’s lovely, but not so much for driving.

And today J got to pay it forward. Twice.

On his drive to work this morning, he saw a car stuck in a snowbank after swerving and hitting a telephone pole. So he pulled over, hooked up his tow rope and pulled the kid out.

Then tonight, on our way to soccer, there was a car in a snowbank on the highway. So J stopped again. Unfortunately, his tow rope broke on this attempt. But, another person pulled over and they used his tow rope. Plus, a cop pulled over and stopped traffic so J could drive across the highway to get the car out of the snowbank because this girl was deeeeeep.

So there are his good deeds. Plus, we got to soccer and were short on players, so he had to come out of retirement and play goalie, which he hates.

Drive safe out there everyone! We no longer have a tow rope!

2 responses to “J, the good samaritan”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you win the soccer game? Did brother make some epic saves!?

  2. plavigne says:

    We lost the game 8-4!!! J only played in goal for 20 minutes and he did let in goals. But we just blame the defense (that's me). And the fact that we were playing the #1 team in our league (we are #5).

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