Test blog from iPhone

Test blog from iPhone

Feed me!!

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2 responses to “Test blog from iPhone”

  1. Shayna says:

    Cool…I can't believe At is only 9 weeks away!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey we are starting just before or right around the time you are starting. We are doing the NFCT paddle then hiking in on International AT to Baxter. Our trail name is Team Black Cat. Thanks for posting to our blog. I noticed your kitty picture. In 2002, we thru hiked the PCT and the hardest thing was missing my little black cat. Have your mom send you a photo text or email of your kitty for inspiration. I remember a hot day through a burned out section of CA when I just didn't want to tackle the mountain in front of me and my husband turned to me and said "You'll have to go over that mountain and many more to WA if you want to get back to that little black cat". She was often my inspiration.

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