Local Celebrity Status for a Day

Local Celebrity Status for a Day

The town is talking … here’s an article in our local newspaper about J’s departure.

Something I haven’t mentioned on the blog is that since J gave his notice, there’s talk about changing his position, cutting the hours. J does not want to see that happen. He thought by giving so much notice, they could quickly get a replacement in who could pick up where he left off. But, the town hasn’t even posted for his position yet. Boo.

UPDATE: They decided at Monday night’s meeting to keep the position at 40 hours. Phew!!

2 responses to “Local Celebrity Status for a Day”

  1. Misti says:

    Wow! That must say something about quitting—definitely leaving on a high note! who knows what would have happened next year?

  2. Shayna says:

    Damn, I hate the lead sentence! It makes it sound like J only cares about moving up in the rec field, when that's not really the case. At least the reporter included praise for J and how the Selectman are trying to screw the rec department.

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