J has the incredible ability to get things for a discount or even for free. That guy is one smooth talker … He won me over with hello.

He has trained me and I have gotten better at this skill, but I will never be J. Just like Chris Angel will never be David Copperfield.

Recently, I scored us some free goods. For the 3.5 years we have lived here, we have tried to visit all the breweries in Vermont. They make it a challenge with a passport to fill and if you get to all of them, the state gives you $1 million. Or some tshirts, magnets, etc. Either way, we wanted to reach our goal.

We fell short. Hit only 10 breweries out of the 20ish.

So I still sent in our passports and thanked them for their great beer and the challenge, but told them we were off on adventure where there is no beer. A few days later, this showed up in the mail.

Location:Village St,Concord,United States

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great score, patrice! ~Jamie

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