Mile 442.3 – Days 36-38

Mile 442.3 – Days 36-38

Hello from Hanover, NH! This trail town is right on the border of Vermont, so that means we (us & Fire Marshall) have officially finished NH!

We hiked about 12 miles today and got in around lunch … Thru hikers get a free slice of pizza at Ramuto’s, a free Snickers bar at The Mountain Goat outfitter, and a free coffee at the college bookstore. You know we were all over that! Then we spent the afternoon chillin on “the green” in Hanover until Grateful & Second Nature picked us up. We are staying with them for a full ZERO tomorrow and will hop back on the trail Friday. That’s right … Tomorrow we will hike ZERO miles, our first time in 38 days that we will not hike!

Anyways, a good summary of the last few days is holy heat. It’s been hot out there, which is complicated by the fact that many of the water sources have been dry and we have been quite thirsty. The conversation between NOBOs and SOBOs along the trail has been centered around where you can come across good water in the next few miles. No worries! We have been playing it safe and carrying extra water whenever we come across a running stream.

Another summary for the past few days … The bugs are back! The skeeters are out for sure; but the horseflies have been the worst! They like to buzz around and around your head as you are hiking, then dive bomb and burrow in your hair. Deal has been practicing his Mr. Miagi one-hand kill of those little suckers, but I think his count is only up to 10 or so and that is not enough. Plus, this plan of action has failed a few times as he has lost his balance and fallen a few of the times …

One low point on Tuesday. We came upon trail magic in the woods (sodas left in the river), but it was all taken! Boo!

A few miles later, however, we had heard about a blue house that had water and ice cream. There was no ice cream, but there were sodas for sale!!! Yippee!

PS-We have straightened out most of our gear issues … I got a new pack, Deal got new shoes (Merrell sent him a new pair for FREE! DEAL!).

That’s it for now. Since we are now done with NH, I will do a summary tomorrow. You know, since I won’t be hiking tomorrow!!

5 responses to “Mile 442.3 – Days 36-38”

  1. Katherine says:

    Have a great day off.

  2. Misti says:

    Fun! That is a good time for a zero! Oh, the blue house! Yeah we had sodas no ice cream there, too.

    VT will suck with the flies…we ended up letting them land on our heads and then killing them because it was the easiest way to get rid of them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Way to go! I hope you enjoy your zero day! Did I say that right? 🙂


  4. Anonymous says:

    Way to go!

  5. Sara says:

    Gosh, nothing more annoying than buzzing in the ears from skeets or flys. I feel ya…. I'll never forget the fight we had in Alaska — it's US vs. THEM – go get 'em Deal!

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