Three states down! 11 to go!

Three states down! 11 to go!

Greetings from Mt. Greylock at 3,491 feet, the highest point in Massachusetts, and mile 602.5.

We are done with Vermont and entered Mass yesterday! The rest of VT was fine … It was certainly hot and we did duck into another town for a night because we were just parched and many of the water sources were dry.

The mud everyone complained about in VT was nothing in our eyes. If it doesn’t swallow you whole, it’s not bad. Maybe the heat has dried it all out, or we are just jaded by Maine’s June mud.

The bugs (horse/deer flies) on the other hand, hold some fierce competition to Maine. There was a 25-mile section in the past few days where we thought they may actually kill us. On a daily basis, we do have 1-2 flying around our head while hiking. But, this time, it was no less than 5 and up to 25 at any given time! And they were biting no less. Such jerks. It’d be one thing if they helped carry our packs …

The only other hiccup in VT was that Deal’s pack strap broke on Thursday. I know, I know, unbelievable, right? Gregory (the pack company) is sending a new one that we will pick up in a day or 2, but Fire Marshall & Deal did a temporary fix.

Anyways, here’s our summary of Vermont:
149.8 miles
9 days
3 nights in a tent
3 nights in a shelter

2 nights in a hostel

2 showers
3 hitchhikes
115 NOBOs (Northbounders) passed
25 Soy Joy bars distributed
1 river crossing (knee deep)
1 fall (Steadee)
5 dig-a-hole poop in the woods for Deal/2 for Steadee
7 doses of trail magic
1 iPod day for Steadee and 2 for Deal
2 silver AT markers
1 snake
1 turkey
1 possum
Lots of toads, but one the size of my hand
Tons of orange newts (in one 10-mile section)

Strange items found in VT’s woods: old stove, unidentified metal equipment in an old stone foundation, metal bucket, plastic bucket, old rusted jeep, old farming equipment, white plastic chair, mining equipment

As for special requests for care packages, since cold drinks are not an option, we are open to anything! Home-baked goods are always good … In fact, we are picking up rum cake tomorrow that SILAdventure and DocDoc sent.

But we just like any sweets. Gummy or sour candies, dried fruit, yogurt balls, candy bars (we consume at least one everyday), drink mixes (like Gatorade or iced tea). And, Deal is not allergic to nuts, but can’t digest them.

The other (better) option would be for y’all to show up randomly on the trail with cold drinks!!

4 responses to “Three states down! 11 to go!”

  1. Misti says:

    WOOHOO! 🙂 Mass was one of my favorites, hope you get to stay at UGP! 🙂

  2. Sara says:

    Hi Guys!

    You know that we are going to send you LOTS of goodies buyt I am unsure when… when do you think would be the best time…. do not want to send too much when others are sending as well…..

  3. Kelly says:

    Antonio loves the pictures with mud! He especially loves that one of your muddy shoe and leg. He says that pierna kinda has mud on it. Stay safe. Already thinking how we can meet up with you in PA!

  4. Katherine says:

    So is the next mail drop New York?
    Will send snacks 🙂

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