Mail Magic

Mail Magic

We are at mile 980.6 and I can confirm 2 things about PA. There are rocks and snakes (poisonous ones).

I’ll just apologize in advance to our PA friends because I don’t think we’ll have nice things to say about the state when we complete it. We are not trying to be haters of PA …

But today was a very good day. We hiked through Port Clinton, PA, to pick up our maildrop and once again, we were surprised by 7 packages and several cards from friends, family & blog readers who we’ve never met! The love & support just lifts our spirits to a whole new level. Oh, and Deal came up with a new name for this … Mail Magic!

Besides the mail magic, we also got trail magic. Fire Marshall’s dad (Fire Chief) was visiting him in Port Clinton and treated us to lunch and a shower! He tried to convince us to stay the night with the treat of a hotel room, but we resisted and hiked on.

Tomorrow, my old college roomie, Rachel/Charlotte, & her hubby, Chris/PA Dutch, are meeting us at the next road crossing.

I guess PA isn’t that bad after all … 144.5 miles left!

The next opportunity for mail magic (no pressure) is coming up quickly … If you are interested, here is the info:

Patrice and/or Justin La Vigne
C/O AT Conservancy
PO Box 807
799 Washington Street
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Please hold for thru hiker ETA August 28.
Location:Appalachian Trail,Auburn,United States

12 responses to “Mail Magic”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah for the mail magic! Enjoy the rum cake and happy early birthday! ~SILadventure & DocDoc

  2. Chris S. says:

    Jesus, Patrice – eat a hamburger … otherwise there'll be nothing of you left by the time you get to Harper's Ferry.

  3. Katherine says:

    Have a happy birthday Patrice and a package will be waiting for you at the next maildrop from your scrappin friends.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Rock" on!

  5. Sara says:

    Hi…. thinking of you!

  6. Mel says:

    happy Birthday, kid.
    I can't believe you turned down a motel room for a night with the snakes.

  7. Misti says:

    Is that the "knife edge" where Deal is standing? That's my guess!

    PA is beautiful in its own sense! 🙂

  8. Fred says:

    Maybe that smoked salmon I mailed you is attracting the snakes or have you two devoured it already?


  9. Fr. Kevin Russeau, csc says:

    Patrice and Justin,
    I have really enjoyed reading these – usually I check in once a week and see how you're doing! It looks like you're having a blast! Well done!

    Remember, there is lots of wildlife and trails in CO! We always have deer – today we had a cub in our lawn. Never saw mamma bear which prompted me to warn the new novices. We have a big family of racoons hanging out here – we have snakes and gopher (haven't seen any of those along the trail have you!)?

    All that means, is that you need a retreat/rest in Cascade CO soon!


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hi Patrice Happy Birthday! I enjoy reading your blog! Sherry Whitcraft

  11. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  12. Katie (McIntyre) Tewell says:

    Happy Birthday Steadee! Looking forward to seeing you all when you hit VA! Hope you enjoyed the cookies that Alex baked and you should have taken up Dad's treat of a hotel room….the pics of those snakes freak me out! See you soon and Happy Birthday from all of Fire Marshall's Family!

    -Katie, Tim, Maggie, and Mason

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