Fare Thee Well, Chicago

Fare Thee Well, Chicago

Goodbye Chicago. You have been good to us for the past 3 weeks, but it is time to move on.

In Chicago, we

played lots of games. Sadly, the boys dominated. Deal, who is the worst speller in the world, but best strategist, won every game of Scrabble. My BIL, Russ/Napolean Dynamite, won every game of Apple to Apples. The women will are planning their comeback.

went to REI every chance we could. We lose all self control when it comes to REI.

celebrated someone’s big birthday (I will not reveal her age). We celebrated at The Girl & the Goat, a restaurant opened by a Top Chef winner. You have to call 6 months in advance for reservations, but Deal worked his magic and got us in. So worth it (and yes, there is goat on the menu and yes, it is good)!!
ate tons of good food. Homemade food as well as food from the millions of restaurants just within two blocks of where we were staying and are too hard to resist! One time, we got Thai food. I had been dreaming of Thai food on the trail and my Pad Thai and Pad See You Chicken backpacker meals were not sufficing.

watched a lot of football! After missing 7-8 weeks of football on the trail, Deal was a happy camper be able to properly track his fantasy team.

took the “El” and never got lost.drove and some of us (Deal) got lost.

spent time with 2 cats that oddly look the same, but have very different personalities. It made us miss Mr. McKinley so much!
also hung out with these cool cats.searched for jobs all over the country. Deal sent out 15 resumes and I sent out 7. I also sent another query off to Backpacker magazine. Dream big, right?

pampered ourselves and recuperated our bodies. We got 90-minute massages (thanks to my parents and Deal’s mom for the anniversary gift!) and soaked in MamaF’s jacuzzi tub.

ate a ton of food (did I say that already?).

walked without backpacks.

went to one concert (Deal went to 2).

took at least 20 showers in the 26 days we’ve been here. I bet on the trail, we only took 20 showers total …

drank a little too much one evening (talk to SILMeow about that one).took a Hip Hop aerobics class (okay, just one of us did that).

applied for The Amazing Race (keep your fingers crossed!).

celebrated Thanksgiving a little early. We will be camping in a national park on Thanksgiving Day and feasting on a backpacker meal, but turkey dinner was a must.
For the next 3 weeks, we will be road tripping and hitting state high points (another goal of ours). I will update from the road when we can!

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