Columbus & Cleveland, Two Months Ago

Columbus & Cleveland, Two Months Ago

Anytime Deal goes anywhere without me, I tell him to take pictures so I
can blog about it. He usually takes one picture of whoever is on the
stage and calls it a day.

Back in October, he took a short trip to visit theHoss/Jason in Columbus
and took pictures from the trip. He was so proud of himself and was
excited for my blog post. Guess who never followed through on her

So, I invite you to rewind 2 months with me and live vicariously through Deal for a trip to Columbus and Cleveland.

Deal’s second trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this time with a special Grateful Dead exhibit and U2 3D movie
A quick visit with theFather/Mike and baby Charley while in Cleveland

Not Pictured:
Deal’s 15th Carbon Leaf concert, but first time seeing them in Columbus
Losing $ at the casino in Cleveland
Football madness
Bromance love between Deal and Hoss
Steadee slaving away back at BD while Deal plays

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