Bucket List Item Checked …

Bucket List Item Checked …

We now have Phil Keoghan on speed dial. Okay, that’s a little of a stretch, but it was really fun to be chummy with Phil for a day.

Earlier in the afternoon, we met Phil only briefly before our presentation, and thankfully, I don’t think I showed how star struck I was. Then the evening began. J & I did our regular Gear & Go presentation and Phil slipped in about 25 minutes into it, then we invited him up to share some of his stories (in particular about the nutrition bars he created that we’ve been promoting all summer, but of course about The Amazing Race). We took questions from the live audience and from the Internet land and then he signed a bunch of autographs.

J & I figured that most of the people who came to the presentation came for Phil, but of the 130 people, there was still just as many people who came up to us afterwards and thanked us for the information and asked us questions. There was even a handful that said they just came for the BP presentation and didn’t even know who Phil was!

After the presentation, we went out to PF Chang’s with Phil, his wife, our nutrition bar rep, Jamie/SIL Adventure, Rachel/DocDoc and the rep that took care of the webcasting. Phil is a talker and a joker. He wife is one of the sweetest ladies we’ve met. Like I said, it was fun to get chummy.

Of course we told Phil we have tried out for The Amazing Race in the past. But he really discouraged couples from participating, saying the stress and being in the public eye is not really fun at all. It actually made me rethink wanting to be on, although I can’t take it off my bucket list yet. J is still keen on applying and we will probably put together a video in the next few weeks, so we will see if it is ultimately in our cards … our whole life has been about fate, so who knows??

It was fun to know that so many friends and family were watching!!!! Thanks everyone and hope you enjoyed!!! If you want to watch it again, here is the link:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure you explained to Phil that your marriage survived the AT! I think you two would be perfect for the Amazing Race and should go all in to get on the show. With your knowledge of travel, and a little help from me training and packing (those folks carry way too much stuff!) you two could win this thing. After you win, we can talk about my fee…

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