Strike a pose!

Strike a pose!

Back when we started our contract with BP, we got an e-mail from our boss asking if we were available for a photo shoot on July 19. Of course we complied, thinking it was probably related to the tour.

As the photo shoot got closer, we received the contract and were surprised to see so much activity:
We’ll shoot them in snow and little snowshoeing, a high-alpine lake for a hike and lunch, and some rock climbing. 

As we read on, we were a little confused:
We’ll shoot the tires on snow, mud, dirt roads, rocks, and pavement. 

The tires? Why would they want the tires of our Sprinter van in the photos? And we really can’t drive that van on snow, dirt roads, rocks & mud!? The sponsor will have our heads!

Reading further, we realized we going to be the MODELS for a Goodyear Tire Shoot. They rented a sweet truck and put these all-terrain tires on it to show what you can really do in the outdoors with the right equipment!

But let me tell you about a day in the life of a model. We were up at 5:30am for sunrise (good light) and didn’t finish until 8:30pm for sunset (also good light). Long day. While a lot of the shots were “fixed,” we did get down and dirty, did some hiking, biking and rock climbing. I do not envy models. Not at all. It is HARD work!

And now, you can find the result on page 10 of BP’s November issue!

I’m not going to tell you that somewhere out in Internet-land, there is an embarrassing commercial that goes with it. Only a select few people get to laugh with us about that one. We may be good models, but we are not good actors. 
Autographs by appointment only … 

3 responses to “Strike a pose!”

  1. I want to see the video! I'll show you the commercial I was in. Well, it's just my hand showing off an onion ring.

  2. Misti says:

    Oh man, my BP has been laying around waiting for a good time to be read—will crack it open ASAP when I get home! And I'll have to search for that commercial too.

  3. Camie Goffi says:

    I think you have an obligation to share the video link to that commercial with your adoring blog fans!

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