Save $0.46 on us!

Save $0.46 on us!

Well, it’s that time of year. My favorite time of year, actually. Thanksgiving into Christmas, when I get to decorate my home and REAL tree, write out all my cards, wrap gifts and bake goodies. Except for the fact that we don’t have a home this year. Not looking for pity here, just stating the obvious. So there will be no decorating, no tree cutting and probably no baking.

I made a very hard decision not to do cards this year. The thing is, I HEART cards. I’ve written them every year since college. So this is difficult for me and it doesn’t help that J keeps trying to convince me to change my mind. But, the decision was made over a month ago when I was busy recovering from my near-death drama and I’m sticking to it.

I’m making this public announcement telling y’all not to expect any snail mail from us this year because without fail, people send me a message to ask for my updated address year after year (write it in pencil!). I am getting the same requests this year, but it is kind of complicated to give an address. We are staying at my parents’ house in NJ until right before Christmas. Then we hit the road for Chicago for a week, then Colorado living at a cabin where mail does not get delivered.

Just because we don’t have an address doesn’t mean I can’t SEND cards. I realize that. But I came up with lots of reasons to take a year off.

Now, if you really want to send us a card, I can give you my parents’ address (which you may have from 15+ years ago). But please don’t feel obligated because this (see below) is all you’re getting from us! Keep your $0.46 and put it toward college education for your child.

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