Christmas in Chicago

Christmas in Chicago

We have spent a number of Christmases with my family, but with that niece and nephew getting older and outgrowing the jolly obese guy in a red suit, we are switching sides. Especially because there’s this guy (nephew on J’s side) and he has lots of years to believe in S. Claus.

Lil E definitely is into opening gifts, or more specifically, gift wrap. Toys come second to gift wrap.

He is not so into wearing reindeer ears. But it’s cool on other people. 

It wasn’t all about the kid though … the adults got some Christmas love as well with a Secret Santa exchange. Not surprisingly, J got his Secret Santa concert tix and his Secret Santa got him concert tix. 

We also did FaceTime with loved ones. I love FTing J’s grandma because she thinks you have to hold the phone way up to your face … give her a break, she’s just about 90!

It was so cold in Chicago we had to warm ourselves by the fire. Until it got warm and some of us had to take off all our clothes.

And, of course J and I had to take the opportunity to teach the Bean Game to more unsuspecting victims (up to 15 people in one year!!). We are available for instruction at any time … just sayin. 

Hope you and yours had a merry one. Who’s ready to plunge into 2014?

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  1. Misti says:

    Happy New Year to y'all!

    2014…here we come!

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