Driving ‘Murica

Driving ‘Murica

I suppose this could be in the interest of “Throwback Thursday,” but J & I are always reflecting on the awesome summer we had and I realized I never shared some of the best scenes from the road. When you drive 30,000 miles through 37 states over the course of 5 months, you are bound to come across some scratch-your-head type of stuff. 
It probably annoyed the crap out of J, but I was enamored by all the different signs we saw. I would make him stop (or at least slow down) the car so I could snap a shot. On the flip side, his kryptonite was, and always has been, getting a picture at every “welcome to” state sign. My collection amounted to 10 or so. His to 35. He always has to win, doesn’t he? 
More often than not, the signs made me laugh, like these in California. 

Then there are the ones that made me worry, like these in Idaho or Indiana. 

In particular, I worried about what goes on at rest areas in America. 

Some provided an education. Oddly enough, this first sign found in Oregon is the pictorial version of this second sign found in Vermont. And FYI, I totally had to look up “scarified.” 

But this one, this one takes the cake. Peeing in milk jugs is a real problem in Washington. “Remember, Washington State Patrol has eyes out for violators. (Not to mention their noses).” That’s a direct quote folks. 

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    Thanks for my laugh for the day!

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