Currently: June

Currently: June

Currently spending time with/where: We are down to the wire with our time in Danville. We close on the house today in less than 3 hours!!!
Current plan: Wouldn’t you like to know??? Better yet, wouldn’t we like to know?
Current mood: Bittersweet about saying goodbye to our house and our friends in Danville one more time.
Currently thankful for: Having choices about where to go next (nope, not revealing our top choice just yet).
Currently worried about: Our oldest nephew (on my side) who had a seizure in November, then was good and clear for 7 months, only to have 5 seizures in one day!!!! They think the antiepileptic drugs were not strong enough up against his growth spurt … hoping that is the case and he has seizure-free skies ahead. Poor guy! 
Current confession: Someday we hope to unpack everything from the storage unit and have a place to call home for more than a few months. Living in Danville in the home we designed with a chunk of our stuff unpacked for 2 months really spoiled me.

Currently amazed by: J’s Tetris abilities with storage. We fit pretty much everything we own into a 10×10 storage unit. Now, if there is an earthquake, we are in deep trouble. 

Currently regretting: Even though the above statement is true about J’s ability to use every nook and cranny, we are currently regretting not organizing our storage unit better in case of a flood. We just got news that there was a small flood in our mini storage space in Colorado. Add this to the fact that our Chevy Malibu was totaled while in “storage” due to the floods in Colorado in 2013 and our house in Danville flooded due to burst pipes ruining lots of our stuff in storage in 2015, I would say we are prone to floods and damage to stored items. 

Currently excited about: We are both excited about temperatures that aren’t in the high 90s with less humidity. Additionally, I am excited about an upcoming reunion weekend with my Arizona housemates (in West Virginia) and J is excited about the Fare-The-Well Chicago 50th Anniversary Grateful Dead Concert, which he will be watching from the comfort of his friend Matt’s house in NJ. 
Currently not excited about: Dealing with the City of Danville on the loose ends. 

Currently proud of: 3 things–purging so much stuff, sticking to a regular Yoga routine these past 2 months in Danville with my buddy Tammy, and finally learning to mountain bike.
 One of the many loads taken to Salvation Army/ReStore
A white cat (McKinley’s doppelganger) joined Saturday’s outdoor yoga session 
Currently reading: I tried to get my hands on “Girl on the Train,” the new craze everyone suggested. But it was unavailable at the library. So I settled for “Fifty Shades Darker” by EL James. I read the first one in the series in 2012. 
Current guilty pleasure: Hopefully one last Raspberry Mocha Truffle (Toffee Tumbler for J) at our favorite Danville coffee shop (Main Street Emporium) tomorrow. 
Current want: A mountain bike.

Currently watching on Netflix: Orange is the New Black: Season 3. The first season of Orange was so great, the second season was a dud and the third season (so far) is not much better. 

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  1. Misti says:

    The only saving grace of the 3rd season of OITNB is the stories of all of the other inmates other than Piper.

    The Girl on The Train is on my list, too….funny that you went from good lit down to some low brow stuff LOL

    I have a book report coming out tomorow…

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