Currently: June

Currently: June

Currently living/working in: In limbo! We returned from Alaska June 16 and intended on only spending 1.5 weeks in Colorado … but we are still here. Just lots of adulting going on and we can’t make definitive plans until we sort out a few adult matters. 
Current mood: These in-between periods are always the most stressful for me, especially when you factor in some other things. 
Currently excited about: A possible backpacking trip next week to the Wind River Range … with J’s sister and wifey!
Currently not excited about: Have I mentioned on this blog how much I despise going to the dentist? Small mouth, bad genes, a major sweet tooth and poor hygiene are not a good combination. 
Currently worried about: Things. 
Currently thankful for: Comprehensive and affordable health coverage (not many can say that, so I count our blessings). 
Currently proud of: My husband. I still can’t get over how brave and bad ass he is. Or how beautiful the pictures are. 
Currently regretting: So it has been 90 bazillion degrees here in Denver since we returned and I have all of 4 short sleeved shirts in my possession. Since we are typically wintering in Colorado and summering elsewhere, my wardrobe is lopsided. I am going to venture to say my short-sleeved shirts are somewhere in this 10×10 storage unit. I am hoping we can soon visit the storage unit that we packed up this time last summer. 
Currently amazed by: Alaska. Yes, I love Colorado, but don’t tell my in-laws that I love Alaska more. 
Current guilty pleasure: Spending time with nephews … first with our trip to Alaska with our oldest nephew and now with the two little ones here in Denver. However, we love giving them back. 
Currently reading: “No Shortcuts to the Top” by Ed Viesturs (with David Roberts). I stayed away from the mountaineering books while Justin was on Denali, but now they are back in rotation. Ed Viesturs is one of the strongest and most respected mountaineers out there, but has some pretty horrific survival tales to tell. I particularly love Ed’s motto, “Reaching the summit is optional. Climbing down is mandatory.” 

Currently watching on Netflix: Season 4 of “Orange is the New Black.” We are halfway through this latest season, and I feel the same way I did about seasons 2 & 3. It’s slow-burning and I could do without it. But, we’ll stick it out. 

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  1. Jamie L says:

    What about camping in. Rocky mountain national park!? You better not move to Alaska!

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