Currently: May

Currently: May

Currently living/working in: The Superfeet Supervan!!! We are 1/3 of the way through our summer speaking tour around the US (2000+ miles) in our borrowed Sprinter van. The van is awesome and I can’t wait to share interior pictures! 

Current mood: This road trip/speaking tour is totally our jam, so I would say happy everyday! 
Currently excited about: Seeing America. Gosh, we’ve probably around/across the country 25 times. Maybe more! I’ve lost count. Even so, we continue to discover brand-new scenic routes and places to explore. How is that???? 
We discovered this off-the-beaten path rest area in Oregon that was full of slugs! It was gorgeous (never thought I’d use the word “gorgeous” paired with slugs). 
America the beautiful … you got that right!

Touring marble caves in Oregon!!

Currently not excited about: California traffic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone keeps warning us as we move further south in the state, it will get worse. 
Currently proud of: Inspiring our audiences to get outside and make life a little less ordinary. 
Another podcast in the books!! Listen via iTunes here. Episode 21 of JammedUp (also available via Stitcher & SoundCloud). 
Currently worried about: Navigating California cities. So far, we’ve been getting from Point A to Point B easily with Justin as the driver and me as the navigator. But, California has way more people than anywhere we’ve been (population 38.3 million!!) and that is scary! GoogleMaps, please be on your best behavior.  
Currently thankful for: Seeing so many friends from all our walks of life. I just had lunch today with a friend who I met in Spain while studying abroad in 1999!!! We’re going to see one of Justin’s childhood friends this weekend. The visits may be short, but they sure are sweet. 
What a treat to see someone you haven’t seen in 15+ years!!
Currently regretting: So we’ve crammed in a bunch of micro adventures already, but frankly, there’s still so much to see and do! Just this past week, we rolled into Redding, California for a presentation and planned a work day. Turns out, Redding is a hotspot for outdoor opportunities. And while I really didn’t want to lumber up any more mountains, Mt. Shasta sat not too far away taunting us. 
Currently amazed by: When Superfeet was converting their Sprinter van into a camper, they asked for our needs/wants/dreams. We told them a toilet/shower was the lowest priority, so they skipped it. I am that girl that can live without a bathroom, and well, that sort of amazes me. As my dad says shaking his head in disbelief, “I really don’t know who raised you.”
Current confession: I worried we would need something while living on the road that we didn’t have … the truth is, you can just get by on what you have. It makes me want to go back to our storage units and clean house!! 
Current guilty pleasure: Starbucks! Starbucks has been our HQ for Internet catch-up times. Sure, we have a hotel at least once a week, but we also have weekly work sessions at Starbucks where we spend 5 hours catching up on e-mails, blogging and whatnot! 
Currently reading: Nada! I brought our Kindle in high hopes we might read. Hasn’t happened … yet.
Currently watching on Netflix: We download a few Netflix movies here and there and are finishing up the last episodes of “Breaking Bad.” 

3 responses to “Currently: May”

  1. Misti Little says:

    OMG to be finishing Breaking Bad all over again! Gahhhhh!

    Y'all are having fun—this life suits y'all.

    PS: the wild onions are different than the cultivated ones, so yes they are going to bulb smaller 😉

  2. Mom/MIL says:

    Marble caves? Looks more like some strange creature from the bottom of the ocean. Glad you are having so much fun! You both deserve it!

  3. Mary says:

    I just finished totally cleaning out my house. What a great feeling. Everything except furniture fits in a tiny storage shed. I think I would want a bathroom in my van. I am not as hardcore.

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