If it seems like we are doing more visiting than presenting these days, you hit the nail on the head. We’ve definitely slowed down on presentations as we are hitting the tail end of the tour. And it sure feels like we are just going from one friend’s house to the next. Believe it or not, we are still not hitting everyone we could possibly visit!!

We have prolific friends. 

Making our way south from New Jersey, we visited friends from three different walks of our lives along the way.

First up, following a presentation at the King of Prussia PA REI last Thursday, we visited with 2 of my college roommates. I met these gals my freshman year of college and we stuck as friends all the way to the end, sharing an off-campus apartment for 2 years. I hadn’t seen them since 2013, so it had been too long. And clearly, we still know how to make each other laugh until we cry!


Next up, we squeezed in a lunch visit with some post-college friends. I lived with Chris in Arizona for a year and now he and his family live in the DC area. Too quick, but we are hoping to plan a reunion with the rest of our roommates for next summer.
We spent the most weekend time with some of Justin’s cronies from Seton Hall Prep (J’s all boys’ high school) at a mini-reunion at one of the guy’s houses in Maryland. We just saw some of this crew up at a wedding in upstate New York. But there are a lot of people in this framily, so any chance to get some peeps together is welcomed, especially since we are just about the only ones who don’t live within a few hours of everyone.
Though kids outnumber adults in this group, the parents took advantage of some teenage babysitters to enjoy a rare adult night. We bar hopped in DC and did an “escape room.” I’m not surprised that J & I had no idea what an escape room is since we mostly live under a rock, but I have to say, I am hooked. What a fun way to hang out with friends and use our brains. Admittedly, I was no help in figuring out the clues that would aid us in unlocking the codes, but no one noticed.




I find it particularly amusing that most of our friends’ kids only know as the “aunt and uncle with the van.” Some of these kids have seen us with all three versions of our campers. Just call us Matt Foley (Chris Farley SNL character–if you’ve never seen the clip, you need to watch it!!).



We are now finishing up our time in Virginia and I’m hoping to get you another blog post on that before we unplug for the next week or so on a backpacking trip!

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  1. Irishgirl says:

    You three girls look terrific!! I swear I can hear Kelly's laugh when I look at that picture! I miss those days…I miss you!


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