11 Years

11 Years

Today is our 11th anniversary!! Man, 11 years sure flew by.

When I was sifting through our storage unit this summer, I came across our “Wishing You …” bowl. It was set up at our reception and asked guests to share their best marriage advice. We recently sold that bowl, but kept the cards with advice.

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order, but I do think #5 is the best.

  1. When you are angry, remember, this is the person I’ve CHOSEN to spend the rest of my life with. Love is a decision, not a feeling. You can love someone without liking them.
  2. Always build each other up. Never put each other down. Be best friends always.
  3. Fights are a deeper understanding of knowing each other better.
  4. Remember the bigger picture.
  5. Always give 90% and expect 10%, instead of 50/50. It’s a better way to ensure 100% and happiness.

Truth be told, Justin and I endured the toughest year of our marriage this past year (damn you, Crohn’s disease). I have no big epiphanies about it, but I do know these pieces of advice came in handy and continue to be reminders of how to work through the hardest times.

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  1. Shayna says:

    Very good reminders for our rough year too.

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