Currently: April

Currently: April

Currently living/working in: Nearly done with our 5-week spring teaching session at Fenton Ranch. The teaching schedule is so busy, but it goes so fast!

Current mood: Pumped for our summer 2018! A few currently posts ago, I lamented that our summer was looking pretty boring. Boy was I wrong.

Currently amazed by and proud of: Opportunities that seemingly come out of nowhere. I call Justin a “yes man,” meaning he hardly ever says no to any request or opportunity. As much as his constant “sign me up” mentality sometimes cramps my Type A planner personality, I have to say, it has led to some unbelievable and serendipitous curves in our path.

Currently regretting: As stoked as we are for our summer, we did have to shift and sacrifice a few plans (i.e., a few state high point trips).

Currently excited about:  The return of our mail delivery May 1! Not having to drive 15 miles to our mailbox to drop off and pick up our Netflix movies is such a nice treat. It’s the little things in life we take for granted!

Current guilty pleasure: We made a rather large purchase this month, but it deserves its own blog post. Soon!

Currently worried about: Leaving Mrs. Gibbles for the summer, once again. Mrs. Gibbles is the queen of Fenton Ranch (just ask the kids) and she is much better here than anywhere, even without our constant companionship. We’ll once again set up people to look after her (i.e., summer camp counselors, neighbors), but we still have a twang of guilt leaving her to essentially fend for herself.

Currently thankful for: The Netti Pot has done a nice job of keeping my allergies at bay, but last week’s 3rd graders went through at least 3 boxes of tissues. Justin & I both are battling congestion and we are just hoping it is just allergies and we are not getting sick! Fingers crossed for fending off kid germs just 4 more days … slamming vitamin C every chance we get.

Current confession: Living out of a Subaru will be a bit challenging for us! We are no stranger to living out of camper vans and small spaces (at 200 square feet, our Fenton Ranch cabin feels enormous!), but a car? However, who can complain about a brand-new Subaru at no expense to us????

Currently reading: Pure Land by Annette McGiveney. Justin & I met Annette in 2013 through our Backpacker speaking tour. Annette published an article in Backpacker about a murder in Havasu Canyon in 2007, and turned the story into a book that released in 2017. The book is so good!! Not only is the story riveting, but Annette is a polished writer. 

We got to see Annette again this past year at Outdoor Retailer!

Currently watching on Netflix: We finished the 4th and final season of the crime drama TV series, The Killing. Loved the first season, liked the 2nd a lot, but we were ready to be done by the 3rd, and definitely the 4th. The main characters just became way too annoying!

2 responses to “Currently: April”

  1. Misti says:

    Oh man, I need to finish my monthly wrap-up! Maybe tonight.

    Loved seeing all of what you will be up to! And I will have to add her book to my to-read list!

  2. Mary says:

    Ooh I want to read that book. Can’t wait to hear what you bought. Hmm…it must be something you can haul with you. New gear? Kayaks? Bikes!

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