Currently: June

Currently: June

Currently living/working in: Wait, has all of June really passed? Holy cannoli, we truly have been running at warp speed while trying to juggle fiery balls mixed in with sharp knives. Okay, quite the exaggeration, but I’m known for that. Anyway, a million things have been going on in June. I will spare you all the deets, and get to the bottom line about where we are living/working. We left our role as property caretakers/environmental educators at Fenton Ranch in New Mexico June 12 and have been working as the Zero Landfill Team for Subaru and Leave No Trace in the Teton Valley of Wyoming since June 15. We’ll be leaving Wyoming Wednesday and heading north to The Last Frontier!! 

Had to throw this picture in: somehow, but not surprisingly, Justin managed our busy schedule in June to fit in a concert to see his buddy Todd.

Current mood: We’re both ready for our heads to stop spinning! I think they will soon. 

Currently proud of: We don’t have many success metrics for this tour, but we feel pretty good about how we’re doing so far. I mean, we packed it in, booking probably too many events! But, it’s been worth the effort. We are meeting so many incredible people in Teton County, learning so much, having meaningful conversations and just trying really hard to make an impact.

Currently excited about: I don’t have a little sister, but this “girl” comes close. Her mom (Donna) is one of my closest friends and I babysat Meg (and her brothers) pretty consistently since she was 9 months old until maybe age 8. To see her walk down the aisle as a bride was overwhelming (not to mention she was quite possibly the most beautiful bride I’ve seen). 

Currently not excited about: Border crossing at Canada for our drive to Alaska this week. Justin had his passport stolen twice in the past. When he first had his passport stolen in 2000, he filled out paperwork that would “flag” anyone who tried to use his passport to cross borders. Little did he realize that included himself! We are CERTAIN they will want to search our fully packed car! 

Currently regretting: Packing too much stuff!! Justin will even admit that we have probably a complete bin of stuff we don’t need taking up precious space. I thought van life was the ultimate minimalism challenge, but living out of a car takes intentional living to the next level and so far we’ve failed at having only what we need and making do. (Of course, living out of a backpack is the top level and we can rock that easily.)

Currently worried about: I constantly worry about Justin’s overall health for reasons most of you know, but the other day (when I was at Meg’s wedding), he whacked his arm with his axe. Two staples and a tetanus shot later … I think he is okay. Although guess who has to remove the staples while living on the road??? 

Current guilty pleasure: Satellite radio! Heated seats! Heated steering wheel! We have many luxuries in our borrowed 2018 Subaru Outback and are getting seriously spoiled by them.   

Currently thankful for: Los Alamos Police Department. I forgot to mention last month, but we got a flat tire in our Sprinter van on our way to Denver in May. Our Sprinter is a dually (meaning it has 4 tires in the back). The flat was an inner tire. The LAPD basically changed the tire for us in about 45 minutes, a task that probably would have taken us 4-5 hours. And if we were tackling it alone, we just might have poked each other’s eyes out in the process. 

Currently amazed by: This is a throwback to our New Mexico life, but I am amazed we never got any speeding tickets driving through the pueblos! Let me just clarify, to get to Fenton Ranch from Albuquerque (and even other places), the speed limit fluctuates as you drive through Native American pueblos. The tribal police are known to watch everyone’s speed very closely, and will get you for even 1 mile over the limit. I can finally say it. With all the times we drove through over our 2 years, we NEVER got a ticket! 

Current confession: I miss Mrs. Gibbles so much, but I hear she is still doing well at Fenton Ranch, so that makes me feel a little better. 

Currently reading: LOL. Justin brought 4 books with him on the road. I laughed at him when he packed them. Reading goes hand in hand with relaxing in a quiet cabin (in my opinion), but just does not go hand in hand with mobile tour life. On the other hand, we have SEVERAL audiobooks lined up for our 8-day drive to Alaska this week … 

Currently watching on Netflix: We haven’t canceled our DVD plan, but instead I’ve changed the address a few times to still have movies follow us while on the road! We are actually watching a quick series called “The Rain.” I’m still undecided if I like it yet … 

5 responses to “Currently: June”

  1. Kristen Coats says:

    Sounds like your typical fast and amazing journey! What’s with the mongo tent with tree branches and birds adorning it? We are looking for a used Suby, maybe we can buy your touring vehicle after you are done with it-ha-ha! Miss you guys just as much as ever!! All the best!! Second Nature and So Gr8ful

  2. Janet Caldwell says:

    I saw Mrs. Gibbles just two days ago and she looked hale and hearty! You guys make my head spin! Have fun and good luck at the border crossing!

  3. Adi Ferrara says:

    LOL I’m undecided about The Rain as well. I do wish it was subtitled instead of dubbed, for sure!

    Good luck with the Canada Crossing…

  4. Mom/MIL says:

    Don’t forget to listen to Stephen King’s The Outsider on your long drive to Alaska. It doesn’t take place in Alaska, but somehow, it fits with your nomadic travels.

  5. Misti says:

    What an update!

    Hope you enjoy North!

    And yes, having worked on a reservation, you definitely do *not* speed through there!

    Happy trails to Alaska!

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