Zero Landfill Summer Tour Wrap Up

Zero Landfill Summer Tour Wrap Up

I’m posting blogs in chronological order, so bear with me as I catch up to the present! 

Our 2019 Leave No Trace/Subaru Zero Landfill Initiative Summer Tour was a huge success. We visited the same 3 national parks that are striving toward zero landfill (Grand Teton, Denali & Yosemite). Leave No Trace gives us a lot of autonomy with our scheduling, and it helped that we already laid a good foundation and connections with the appropriate people in the parks last summer. So we repeated the “successful” locations and events from 2018, and broadened our scope to include new opportunities in 2019. We appreciated the mix of events and loved keeping the zero landfill momentum going! 

We weigh trash like it’s our job … oh wait, it sort of is.

I went back & looked at our 2018 full tour stats and found a few key differences:

*we drove 500 less miles this year, but gas prices were higher

*we did more events

*we slept in a tent fewer nights (employee housing FTW!)

*we had fewer broken windshields 

*we took fewer showers, but did laundry the same number of times

*we hiked 4.9 more miles

*we found more money on the ground

*we sent way fewer postcards (sorry Beef, still none for you apparently)

*we played more Monopoly Deal games, but watched fewer Netflix movies

Half Dome approaching dusk

And here are our 2019 summer stats:

103 days on the road 

Starting Mileage on Subaru Ascent: 261

Ending Mileage on Subaru Ascent: 12,501 

Total Mileage Driven: 12,240 

62 Events

2 countries

3 provinces

10 states

5 U.S. National Parks and 3 Canadian National Parks

47 Times Getting Gas

Most expensive gas price in the US: $4.89/gallon (Tioga Pass, CA, outside of Yosemite)

Most expensive gas price overall: $9.30/gallon in British Columbia

2 Oil Changes

0 Broken Windshields (we broke 2 last year!)

0 Flat Tires

0 Speeding Tickets 

Nights Camping: 29

Miles Hiked: 160.9

Miles Paddled: 10.5

State High Points Climbed: 1

Fun Wildlife Sightings: 28 Moose, 17 Bear, 4 Bald Eagles, 1 Bobcat, 1 Porcupine

1,092 Photos & Videos Taken

Grocery Store Visits: 15 (8 different stores)

ToGo Containers Diverted: 8 

3 In-n-Out Visits

5 Chick-Fil-A Visits

Items Lost: 0 

Money Found on the Ground: $1.65

Number of Showers: 31

Loads of Laundry: 10

Postcards Sent: 19

Friend Visits: 4

Family Visits: 6

Audiobooks: 5

Netflix Movies: 13

Netflix TV Shows: 9 seasons / 7 shows

Number of card games: 201 (our choice card game, Monopoly Deal, takes all of 15 minutes for us to play, so we usually play during most meals)

Weight of Personal Trash: 16.7 lbs

Weight of Food Waste for Compost: 13.7 lbs

Recycling: 10.4 lbs

Terracycle: 2.6 lbs

And most importantly … Alaskan cabins purchased: 1

We don’t have a physical address because … Alaska.
But we get mail at P.O. Box 145 Healy, AK 99743

4 responses to “Zero Landfill Summer Tour Wrap Up”

  1. Patricia A Stevens says:

    You guys are a wonderful asset to this glorious planet earth! Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Misti says:

    So happy about your cabin! What a wonderful summer! And holy $$ that gas in BC!

  3. Paul says:

    Hey. What’s terracycle?

    • plavigne says:

      Terracycle is a company that allows consumers to recycle hard-to-recycle items, like candy wrappers and toothpaste tubes. Terracycle’s website has all the resources for doing it. Sometimes, it’s a free program sponsored by a brand, other times you have to pay for it. We LOVE Terracycle!!!

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