Our First Month in Alaska

Our First Month in Alaska

I did NOT mean to let 16 days to go by without blogging. It’s an understatement to say I’m busy juggling deadlines and other work projects, causing the blog to sit on the back burner. But onward!

By now, the rest of America is catching up on seasons. The trees are bare and there is the spine-tingling promise of snow. But Justin & I enjoyed our first month at our cabin in Healy from mid-October to mid-November and it was nothing but winter (I expected nothing less). So I thought I’d give y’all a dose of Hygge, while filling you in about our adventure.

When we pulled up to the cabin on Oct. 16, there was a foot of snow and it was 20 degrees INSIDE the cabin.

Fortunately, we experienced one of our first lessons about living in Alaska. I could certainly be wrong in explaining or understanding this, but it seems Alaska is virtually humidity free. With all layers of the atmosphere below freezing, nothing can hold moisture. We arrived 10 days after this snowstorm; the snow was STILL light and fluffy enough to blow away.

The powered sugar fairytale look was a daily theme. I will admit, we were deeply immersed in writing deadlines for Backpacker, so spent a lot of time hibernating while digesting product specs and stringing together words that sound punchy, yet informative. But when we got outside, we had a hard time not salivating at the world around us.

This is our road

We’re thoroughly impressed with our wildlife sightings already, and we haven’t even gone outside much. There were moose prints all over our driveway, and even IN our outhouse when we showed up. We did catch 2 moose using our driveway as their passageway one morning. Then, a lynx crossed in front of our car while driving to the post office. I walked outside to pee at first light (8ish?) and saw 10+ caribou on the street. Last, but not least, we heard a pack of wolves in our backyard one evening!!

Our backyard
Caribou! These are wild, but domesticated caribou are what we all know as reindeer.
Someone needed to use our bathroom while we were gone.
There are more moose & caribou prints than people prints!

And we have a pet!! A snowshoe hare!! We’ve affectionately named him “PB” because he hangs around the outhouse (can you figure out what the PB stands for???).

PB keeps us company when we do our business.

We are definitely still in the honeymoon phase of living in Alaska and owning our cabin. The darkness and the cold haven’t bothered us too much … yet. But our lowest temp was -3 and we were still in the “light” with the sunrise at 9:15am and sunset at 4pm.

Outside temperature reads -1!

There’s definitely a whole behind-the-scenes look at the less-than-glorious factors: living without running water, having to go outside at below-zero temps to use the outhouse. But that deserves a whole other blog post, so instead I’ll leave you with utterly enchanting photos.

Volleyball anyone??

7 responses to “Our First Month in Alaska”

  1. Jamie says:

    I know the name!!!!!! Very fitting!

  2. Claire says:

    congratulations! what a fantastic view you have there!

  3. Amanda says:

    It’s gorgeous!!! But brrr:-)

  4. Misti says:


    PB: I’m going with Poop Butt because he’s by the outhouse and because I have a 5 year old! LOL

    I do need more details on the no running water thing. Do you have a well? You fetch it and bring it inside? Where do you dump your cooking water? Or dish water?

  5. So Gr8ful says:

    This is amazing! You have a great outhouse, a nice deck and a volleyball net. What else is there? Miss you heaps, as the Kiwis say!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Mary says:

    You are living the life I didn’t get to live, or chose not to, or something. Either way I am envious and there is a book there!

  7. Jill says:

    Love it! What an idyllic setting. Beautiful photos.

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