Arctic Adventures: Volume 16—Wildlife Camera

Arctic Adventures: Volume 16—Wildlife Camera

Being back on a specific work schedule sure does eat up a lot of time! I’m afraid this blog is feeling the brunt of it … so to help me feel less guilty, I’m inundating you with less words, more pictures.

In all the places we’ve lived, we always wanted a wildlife camera. Who doesn’t want to know what’s lurking in the shadows of the night? (Okay, maybe not everyone.) When Justin spied a wildlife camera at an estate sale a few months ago, we were elated. It’s an older version, in that it’s battery-powered and we have to physically download the pictures. But the picture quality is not bad and it certainly gets the job done!

We started putting it out around June 10, and mostly in different spots around our backyard pond. We often catch moose coming through the pond, either because we hear them splashing or twigs snapping, or we go to use our outhouse and notice them. Needless to say, we haven’t been disappointed with the footage. If there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that the moose are coming through way more often than we thought.

There seems to be 3 different “families” that frequent our pond. There’s a mom with twins (cow with 2 calves for the technical term). A different mom with 1 baby (cow with 1 calf). And a single moose (maybe a yearling? and can’t tell if it’s male or female).

One time, the mom+1 encountered the single moose and had a stand off in the pond. I was actually outside filling water jugs at our well, and hid under our house to get out of the mama moose’s path as she chased the yearling off through our driveway (and the baby tailed behind)!

Cow & calf on 6/12 just after midnight
Yearling on 6/30 with a timestamp of 5:36pm
Zoomed in photo of him/her

As for the twin calves, they are so playful, we like to call them Frick and Frack. They chase each other round and round in the pond, while mom chomps away at the pond bottom.

Twins in action on 6/19 just after 7am – haven’t been able to capture them in a shot together and standing still!
The troublemaker twin

We’re starting to get a little bit of night back, so here’s the night camera in action. Kind of creepy!

3am on 7/13
3am (ish) on 6/30

I have tons of pictures with our real camera, and even some awesome videos, but I’ll share those in a separate post.

We’d love to catch some other kind of wildlife—like a bear or lynx—but for now, we are quite satisfied and excited to have a wildlife cam!

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  1. Misti says:

    that’s really cool! We have a couple of cams but we get run of the mill stuff usually! Always on the lookout for bobcat and coyote, though!

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