Next stop: Dan Vegas

Next stop: Dan Vegas

No time to rest this week … J and I are headed to Danville Thursday through Monday. Awhile back, we realized that Skybus, that new airline everyone is talking about, flies direct from Portsmouth to Greensboro for very cheap, so we jumped on it. I’ll let you know what I think of Skybus later. My expectations are not very high, since they give you all sorts of caveats when you book regarding their lack of the usual amenities that come with flying.

In any case, we are excited to check on our house. Not that we don’t trust our friends when they say it’s fine, but it’s hard to be absentee homeowners and the house probably needs some minor repairs and yard work. Hopefully there won’t be any big surprises. We’ve already had too many! We’re still hoping to rent that thing out. Not going to hold my breath though …

The second reason is of course to hang out with our friends. There’s a big party at Falcon’s house Saturday for Wolf’s bday. And our Danville friends party hard, so it should be a fun time. We may go out shooting with Moonshine. We may fit in a visit to our favorite antique auction. And we are definitely going to go rock climbing with the Is/Was family, weather permitting. Man I miss rock climbing.

I’m sure I’ll have stories from the trip, but for now, I’ll leave you with some other things I’m looking forward to in Danville:
Sweet tea! Too bad J and I gave up iced tea for Lent …
Southern cooking (catfish, okra, biscuits)
Our mom and pop coffee shop just down the street from our house where we went every Saturday
The southern accents and different words/sayings –
“right quick”
“wha now?”
“mmm hmm”
“y’all” or “y’all’s”
And of course, the use of “ma’am” and “sir”
The Riverwalk Trail
The sound of secadas
The smell of honeysuckle (well, it may be too early for that)

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  1. Creegs says:

    what about “special trips” to the laundromat?

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