Vacay to the … cornfields?

Vacay to the … cornfields?

This past weekend served as one of our summer vacations. Yeah! But to the Midwest? That’s right. Roid and Peace’s wedding was in Louisville, KY, on Saturday, so J and I decided to make a trip out of it. I’ll try to keep my summary short and sweet.

Wednesday – arrived in Columbus, OH, to stay with theHoss.
Thursday – Went to Cuyahoga National Park near Cleveland, OH.

It only took us the whole day to try to figure out how to say the park’s name, but in the end, the sights were pretty sweet.
Saw a little bit of wildlife–blue herons, snakes, ginormous turtles. This is our 15th NP we’ve visited out of the 54 (J has been to many more on his own, but we want to hit them all together).
Returned to casa de theHoss where we played a little Cornhole, a favorite pastime in the Midwest.

Friday – Drove through mounds and mounds of cornfields to hike Ohio’s tallest peak (read, walk up hill) and Indiana’s tallest peak (read, hill). By the way, farmers are outstanding in their field. Anyways, at least we never have to make a special trip to go back for the highpoints.
Arrived in Louisville Friday evening to pick up Mouth and NHBound. Mouth was NOT happy because his luggage was lost after a very long day of traveling from Phoenix. We joined theFr and Caliente to go to Roid’s childhood home for some pre-wedding fun. Apparently Roid and Peace talked us up because a number of people came up to us and said they were excited for our “performance” at the wedding.

Saturday – The wedding. It wasn’t just a reunion for us regular couples. QuietMouse and her new hubby were in the house, as was the priest who was our leader when we all lived together in Phoenix. He even performed the wedding! Also, another family we all knew well from the Phoenix church was there. The daughter is actually the girl we adopted as our LilSis. So we had extras for the show. The debauchery began immediately at the reception as we forgot where we were and began playing Urban Balderdash at a table. Maybe a little inappropriate? Oddly enough, I gave the correct definition of a jipple. I’ll let your mind wander on that one. So then we proceeded (on the priest’s orders) to play a little chandeliers.

Boy, did that bring back memories from when we all lived together. People watched and wondered, then decided it was all very fun and they wanted to join in. What a great crowd! Lots of dancing followed, but we had some competition from Roid’s (or Peace’s) cousins. What the??

After the party, we took LilSis out to the bars on Fourth Street.

Yeah, she’s not so little anymore. She drank us all under the table. When we all lived together, we took her to her first bar. Um, she was 14 then (see picture on left). I guess that’s where we went wrong …

Sunday – J and I met up with my friend from high school, Burris. She and her husband showed us

the behind-the-scenes version of Looo-ville. Such things as Lynn’s Paradise Cafe and seeing
where Colonel Sanders is buried. And of course we hit up the Louisville Slugger Museum. That was
pretty sweet. In the evening, we drove back to Columbus to fly out on Monday.
And that, my friends, is how you make the most of a trip to the Midwest.

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    Gotta Love Father Kevin!

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