Festivities cont.

Festivities cont.

Since I’m not the most computer-savvy, I find it easier to post pictures when there aren’t a lot of words. So I decided to break up the “festivities” post for my sanity. Sorry for the interrupted reading.

After Dville, we drove up to the Chesapeake Bay to meet J’s group of friends for some camping and crabbing (Crabfest IV), an annual tradition we have with the boys (and their wives) from the Prep, J’s high school.

There are too many people to nickname, but I will highlight some of them. DrPilot is the official host as his parents are the ones with the house on the Chesapeake Bay. Below is a picture of him and his wife theDancer. AYB actually made is down for the event despite the fact that his wife just had her baby 3 weeks ago! Beef and DogLovers were also there. It’s so nice that these boys still keep in touch after all these years. Lives get very busy, but their bond definitely hasn’t changed (and they are still as immature as ever!!!).

Anyways, this year was much of the same events as in the past … kayaking, crabbing (of course), eating, drinking, sitting around the fire, games. We only got a wee bit of rain, unlike last year’s crazy thunderstorm.

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